Monday, July 11, 2011

anyone still out there?

i hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! time is flying by. thomas just turned two and i just hit the 20 week point in this pregnancy! it's crazy! i have felt pretty fantastic this pregnancy which is SUCH a blessing compared to my pregnancy with thomas.

last week i had my big anatomy scan. yep, still a boy! baby #2 is growing perfectly and so far is in the 57th percentile. with thomas, there was an issue with the umbilical cord's placement into the placenta and because of this he was on the small side of growth. that meant i was in for growth scans about a million times throughout the second half of my pregnancy. and at 38 weeks i was induced because he just wasn't growing enough. this time, 57th percentile aka PERFECTLY NORMAL! what a relief! 

another great part about this pregnancy is that i've been working out pretty consistently. sure, i'm not running any marathons (heh) but i've been running and/or walking most days of the week. most of my runs are only 3 miles but i've steadily been doing a run/walk or a run for about an hour 4-5 times a week. my weight has been going up, up, up!!! ugh! well, at least i'm moving.

i've been doing some reading about the WDW Marathon and although i'm sidelined for the 2012 race, i will be there for the 2013 race and i'm so excited about it! 

i'm hoping to come back here every so often to report that i've still been active and once baby is born i'll be back on to report on my training!

have a great summer everyone!!