Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday is the best day!

I'm LOVING the Tuesday workouts. Why? Oh, because they are "short"! The heat is back in full effect now and only having to run 2 miles was really a life saver.  I was back to pushing the jogger after a nice weekend off and I was quickly reminded of how much harder it is to run with that thing. It's hard to really get into a good rhythm.  My arms can't swing as easily while I'm holding the stroller with one hand and trying not to hit the handle with the other. Sigh.  Still, I knocked it out. I was sweating before I even got out the door.  So glad I got the run started by 8:30am this morning.

Unfortunately we lost one of Thomas and my favorite things today. It was a sad moment indeed when I found out that sometime during my run, Thomas had chucked his snack catcher out of the stroller.  Ugh! That thing was pretty much the only thing that kept him happy during our runs! First thing I need to do tomorrow is pick up another one. I always use the baby links to keep Thomas from being able to throw it out.  Now I'll need to figure out how to keep him from throwing the new one out! Thomas will not be happy to have to hang out in the stroller without having a little snack!

It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow and I need to do 3.5 miles. Depending on how hot it is in the morning, I may just leave Thomas with my friend and do the run on my own. We'll see....

Workout: 2.5 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Weather: Hotter than HELL!!!
Next up: 3.5 miles tomorrow!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Git 'er done

I'm on Week 3 of my half marathon training (I'm one day ahead so doing Tuesday's workout on a Monday) which meant a 3.5 mile run.  I really wish that distance wouldn't still be giving me heart palpitations!  I mean, look, I really only started running again in the middle of June so it's no wonder any distance over one city block freaks me out. But I sort of thought that after a weekend of a 5.5 mile and 4 mile run that I'd look at anything in the 3's and just knock it out. Notsomuch.

After years of looking at running as a form of punishment (one toe out of place with my soccer coach as a kid and it was, "NANCY!!! DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY THEN GO RUN LAPS!"), it's really not a surprise that I'm having trouble getting over the mental block of running just being a sucky thing. Still, I'm doing it this time and if it kills me I'm going to like it. I don't have to love it but I WILL LIKE TO RUN. Sure, that may come the second I cross the finish line of the race and I may never feel it again but that's ok!

Let's focus on the positives of today's run. I accomplished some things today that I NEVER have done before! For the first time since I had my son (other than the day we flew to Disney in January), I set my alarm.  I jumped out of bed before I could even think about the fact that I didn't want to get up. Put my new running capris on and laced up my shoes (yes, i slept in my sports bra and running shirt - anything to reduce any excuse not to get out there and go!), sipped half a cup of coffee and headed out by 5:30! A year ago, being able to sleep til 5:15 was considered sleeping in! But now, my boy has been sleeping better and his wake up time is about 6:15 or so. So why did I run before Thomas woke up? I usually just stick him in the jogger after he's up for the day. Well, it is my DEAR friend Veronica's birthday today and I'm taking her out to breakfast this morning.  In the past, I would tell myself that I'd run after I got home....and then it would be too hot...so then I'd say I'd run after Thomas went to sleep...and then I'd just go to bed. Instead, I worked my run INTO my plans. I made it a priority. And I ran. I ran 4 miles (MapMyRun is telling me 3.99 miles...but come on!). Got home, jumped in the shower, drank a delicious glass of chocolate milk, and THEN Thomas woke up. He woke up to a happier, healthier mom who is ready to enjoy those pancakes that she truly deserves today!

Workout: 4 miles (ok, fine, 3.99 miles)
Time: 42.5 minutes
Next up: 2 miles or cross-train tomorrow

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thinking Ahead to the February Trip

My next Disney trip is only 21 days away! Our first trip as Disney Vacation Club members. I absolutely cannot WAIT to be welcomed home when we arrive at the Beach Club Villas that day.  We'll be celebrating two birthdays that trip.  Hubby is turning 40 on the trip and a couple days after we return I'll be turning 30.  We decided to do the Dining Plan for the trip as a bit of a celebration.  Normally we eat on the cheap while there - bring oatmeal for breakfast, pack pb&j's for lunch, and buy only dinner.  But this time will be a nice eat-fest! I MUST get out and run at least a few times while we're there!!

I am officially booked for the half marathon trip! I'm signed up for the race, have my flights booked, and the resort is reserved!  My friend Lauren has agreed to go down with me and run the race - AWESOME! She is an amazing friend and has already run a BUNCH of marathons! Wow!  She told me that she'll help me train and even run the race at MY pace.  That is a really great thing, especially because she runs FAST! I'm looking forward to having here there with me but I will still be considering this whole thing as a personal triumph and a celebration of ME. Selfish? Probably. But you never know how things can change and in case she can't come, I know that I will definitely be there.

I hope she does come because I wound up using 80,000 Delta frequent flier miles of my husband's to get there!  Regardless, we'll be staying at Disney's All Star Movies Resort, getting in on Friday morning and checking out Sunday, the day of the race. 

Being a food addict, I'm thinking ADRs already! We are a day away from the 180 day mark and I want to make sure I make reservations for the "perfect" night-before-the-race dinner and and even better celebration meal for after the race! Our flight home isn't until 6pm or so Sunday so we'll have a decent amount of time to hit the parks and EAT! Where should we eat? The night before the race I'm thinking an early dinner with some extra carbs...right?? And as for post-race, I don't know what I'll want to eat but I DO know that it will involve some sort of drinking around the World at Epcot! Can we say FIESTA MARGARITA???
Looks delicious, doesn't it?

It's all about the motivation, baby! And if thinking about what I'm going to eat before/after the race is what will get me to the finish line, then so be it!

Anyone have advice or recommendations for pre- and post-race dining???

Gotta love the Bronx

I really love my weekend runs. 

Ok, "love" is such a strong word. More like, I "prefer" the weekend runs. At least right now I do.  My "long" runs are only listed as 4 miles right now so they aren't too much longer than the regular weekday runs.  But what really makes the difference is that I don't have to push that heavy jogging stroller with me. It makes life just that much easier.  And anything to make running easy is a "love" in my book.

Running in the Bronx is an interesting thing. I see just about everything in my short little run.  Starting out in my neighborhood which looks like a scene out of Mayberry, I ran out to the park and followed the same route as yesterday.  I had a nice view of the water for a while until I turned left and went back towards East Tremont Ave. I just have to chuckle when I am running along the water and the park one minute and the next minute I'm stepping on dime bags, barely missing a used condom (ewwww!), and running past the local drunk! Definitely a dynamic place I live in! I don't consider where I run to be dangerous at all but I will make sure to do all my runs in daylight - I'd do that no matter where I was anyway.

I wound up doing the original run I was supposed to do yesterday. By the time I made it to Maritime I was really tired but felt pretty good. Again, glad it's over! Tomorrow is "Stretch and Strengthen" day - I hope to maybe do a little power yoga in the morning before I leave for my cousin's bridal shower in New Jersey. 

I SO deserve the cake tomorrow! Can't wait! Er, I mean, I'm looking forward to celebrating with my cousin...

Workout: 4.2 miles
Time: 45 minutes
Next up: Stretch and Strengthen - so...yoga?

Friday, August 27, 2010


I'd like to take a moment to toot my own horn... YAY YAY YAY I am the woman!! Woot! Woot! Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah! Go Nancy! Go Nancy!

Ok, calm down.

According to the training plan, I had 30 min of cross-training to do today.  But hubby decided to work from home today and I decided to take advantage of that and go for a run. I figured I'd do my long run today since it was "only" 4 miles. I planned out my run and hit the pavement after I laid Thomas down and had my coffee.  I did my usual five minute warm-up walk through the neighborhood and started running in front of the school.  My route took me over the highway and along a nice park. I ran to the DA (our beach and pool club), up to my aunt and uncle's house, down the main avenue, and down past my neighborhood. I was listening to the 45 minute run on my Couch to 5k app (I like to be alerted to my time instead of looking at my watch) and before the 5 minute countdown was up, I was pretty darn close to finishing! I found myself almost in front of Maritime College and decided to just keep going. I told myself that I could just finish up along the water and do my cool-down walk from there.

I pumped some exciting music and just kept going until I had completed a lap around Maritime! I ran by the new cadets practicing their marching and heard their squad leader cheer me on! It was awesome. I haven't run that far...ever!

My route:

Here's the lovely view I got as I finished my run:
SUNY Maritime looking at the Throggs Neck Bridge

Run's finished! Looking towards Manhattan and the Whitestone Bridge

I know this is a family friendly blog here (I mean, hello! Disney!) but...I kicked the $H*% out of that run! Yeah baby! It was 5.44 (come on, that's close enough to 5 and a half...right??) in 59 minutes! I know it's by no means fast but it's done! And I feel great.

On June 14, 2010, I ran for one minute and walked for 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. I felt like I was going to die. Today, I ran for 59 minutes with no walking.  And after that, I jumped in the shower and my husband and I took our son to the zoo.

And in other running news, I got my very first race bib and t-shirt in the mail today! On September 12th, I'm signed up for the 2010 Komen NYC Race for the Cure in Central Park.  It's a 5k and I'm both nervous and excited. I know I can complete it but now I'm really in it - I'll be around lots of other amazing runners and I hope to do well.  I hope that having this race and hopefully a 10k or so in a month or two will keep me pumped and motivated for the BIG race in just 6 months!!

Workout: Run 5.44 miles
Time: 59 minutes
Weather: Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
Next up: Long run was supposed to be tomorrow but I did it today...Let's see how I feel...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Buffer Zone

According to the training plan, today is my REST day. Ha! Yeah, tell that to my 14 month old who wanted nothing of the words, "How about you lay on the couch with Mommy for a little?" My knees and shins are a little sore so I didn't feel like taking much of a walk today either.  So, Thomas and I headed to the playground for a little bit.  Sadly, he wanted NOTHING to do with the park! What?? He finally is able to walk and play down there and he just clung to me and cried like he was at the doctor's office. Only thing I can think of: Teething. Haven't had a new tooth in a while, the nose is a little runny, and the crabbiness speaks for itself.

I'm not quite ready to actually REST...yet. I'm one of those people that easily comes up with excellent excuses to not exercise.  After Thomas laid down for a nap, I stuck a yoga DVD in.  It's not running but it's not exactly resting either.  In fact, I'm guaranteed to be sore after this. I actually don't like yoga. Any class I've been to including prenatal yoga has been a total time-suck of hippy sunshine that I just couldn't stand. But this particular yoga DVD is one that I've had for YEARS and it feels more like a workout than "nurturing my body and soul".  Brian Kest's Power Yoga has a really quick 20 minute workout that will leave your arms and abs sore for at least a day or two (Ok, it leaves ME sore so for all you athletes just keep reading!).  The guy can get a little hippy-ish but really only at the end where you just lay there for a couple minutes - he calls it the "Buffer Zone" - between where you were and where you're going.  It's now an ongoing joke with my husband and I - when we're stressed or need to exercise we just tell each other to head on over to the Buffer Zone.

These next two day are supposed to be beautiful and I'm looking forward to running tomorrow without the jogger. Hubs will be home from work.  I may do the long run tomorrow instead of Saturday.  Week 2 of Hal Hidgon's plan has me only at 4 miles again so depending how I feel, maybe I'll do it Friday and Saturday like I did last week? We shall see. But for now, I need to REST.

Next up: Run tomorrow (either 30 min cross like the program says or 4 miles)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Running in the Rain!

...Just running in the rain! What a hideous feeling I'm in so much pain!" - Nancy's rendition of Singing in the Rain

You know what the best part of THAT run was? The last quarter of a mile. Actually, that's a lie. I really did feel good the first lap of Maritime College! Really! Pretty good! It was the second and third laps that really blew chunks.  It was about the beginning of the second lap where the mist turned into more of a drizzle and I felt like a blind person running. Now I know why people wear hats while they run. Of course Thomas stayed nice and cozy warm.  After texting my cousin AND my friend to see if they could watch him for an hour and not getting a response (they both were sleeping - I sometimes forget that not everyone wakes up at 6am like our family...thanks Thomas!), I found the rain cover to my Peg Perego and used it to cover Thomas in the Baby Jogger.  As soon as I put the cover on (not a great fit but close enough and FREE), Thomas FREAKED. Ugh. Great. I was pretty sure the neighbors were watching me wondering what that crazy blond was doing torturing her little boy. But I clipped on the good ole pacifier and he was a-ok.

So yeah, the run was wet and I could have done without the construction workers staring at me while I huffed by them for three laps but hey, it's over.

According to the plan, next up is..REST! Woohoo! I deserve it! Yeah baby! A rest after a run where I wanted to just sit at home in pj's and eat.

And you know what else is awesome? Only 24 days until my next Disney trip! It's our first as Disney Vacation Club owners and we're staying at the Beach Club! Squeeeee!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!  The second I dip my toes into Stormalong Bay I will KNOW I'm home!
What I will need to do is plan where and when I'll be running while in Disney.  In the past, anytime I saw a runner at Disney I proclaimed them, "The craziest person I've seen in a while." You already walk SO much at the parks, why run? (Last trip I brought a pedometer with me and we walked 11 miles one day and 12 the next!) We'll be there in late September when it's still HOT down there. I will have to just plan out not only my ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations) and Park Hours but I will have to plan out the runs. Thomas wakes up so early anyway that after he wakes up and eats, I'll still have time to do the weekday runs AND make park opening!

Workout: 3.1 miles
Time: 37 minutes (with baby jogger)
Weather: CRAP (er, I mean, misty and about 65 degrees)
Next up: REST day! WOOT!

A look at THE Race

Well, poo, it's raining. Just checked The Weather Channel's hour-by-hour and it looks like rain all day. GAH! What to do?  What to do?  It's too early for me to skip a run.  I know myself. One day of skipping will lead to two and so on.  I guess this blog is working as I feel accountable to it already!  So, while I try to figure out how I'm going to get this run in, let's take a look at the race I'll be running in 185 days (but who's counting?): 

Thousands of women from all around the world will take part in Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. presented by Lady Foot Locker.  I actually just bought my sneakers from that store a few weeks ago (before the whole half marathon thing came into play). The weekend is being called a three-day celebration of women’s health and fitness.  Awesome! Doesn't that just pump you up?!  They will have a "Fit For a Princess Expo" at 
Disney's Wide World of Sports where I plan on spending lots of money.  I mean, it's not everyday this couch potato runs a half marathon, right? Might as well buy all the commemorative items I can! (Not that I plan on stopping after this...but you know what I mean).  The weekend's signature event is of course Disney’s Princess Half Marathon on Sunday Feb. 27th but on Saturday there will be a Royal Family 5k race and plenty of kids races too!  I really wish my husband could be there so we could all participate - not that he'd necessarily run but I bet my son would LOVE to be in the diaper races.  Any reason for him to get up and move he enjoys (another reason for this mama to get in shape: for her moving baby boy). 

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancers.  I'm thrilled about this as it gives me even more motivation to do this race - not only to benefit myself but to benefit those working so hard to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, as well as work to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.  Three years ago, my friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and went through some pretty tough stuff during his diagnosis and treatment.  So running in a race that raises money for such a good cause is really just reason #563 why I should get off my butt and go!

According to Disney: The Disney Princesses are the inspiration for the weekend’s events and will focus on the attributes every princess possesses: commitment, courage, determination, fantasy, perseverance, and strength. Every woman is a princess, which princess are you?

Which princess am I? Well, for anyone that knows me, they know that "Nancy" and "princess" are usually not used in the same sentence.  I'm more of a Pumba than a Cinderella. But, you know what? If there's ever an excuse to be a princess, this is the one! I'll bite.  Which princess am I? In order to sign up for the race and get the appropriate bib, you had to chose your favorite Disney princess. Hmmmm.... Snow White? Um, no.  That chick showed up to some dudes' house and cleaned it up, essentially volunteering to be the maid? No thanks.  Sleeping Beauty? She was WAY too obsessed with finding the man. There's more to life than your man, honey.  Cinderella? Dressing up pretty is the way to a man's heart? Meh, not my style. I like that she started with nothing (like how I'm starting with zero athletic prowess).  But, no. How about Belle? She loves to read, she strong enough to save her dad, and she's got guts enough to stand up to the Beast. Ok, I can dig that. Brains first, right? Alright, it's settled. Belle's my girl: 

Yeah, I'm digging Belle now before the fancy yellow get-up. I'll save that beautiful dress for after the race.  But for now, I'm homely Belle...still working towards the goal :)

Of course Disney handles everything like a well-oiled machine.  I can't wait for all the on-course entertainment to keep me motivated during the race.  I've read some amazing race reports detailing the music, the cheering cast members, the GOSPEL CHOIR, etc etc that get you through.  Even the mile markers are a fairy tale: 
Can't wait to see THAT one!!

And finally, the medal.  THE MEDAL! I'm going to get this medal if it kills me. I'm going to wear it all day.  I'm going to wear it to the airport and let the metal detectors BEEP! me. What's that? Oh I forgot to take off my bling? How silly of me! 
 Can't wait. Now, if it would only stop raining so I could get out there and do my run!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wait, it's still summer, right?

What is UP with the weather here? The last two days have been "freezing"!! Ok, not freezing but a high of 72, rainy, damp, and dark is NOT my idea of August 24th weather.  The wind was shaking the whole house this morning (you should know that I have a very tiny, very old house that rattles easily) which meant that running around Maritime would have been nearly impossible with Thomas in the jogger. So, I decided to run up the avenue.  It's not bad but I'm not crazy about the extra traffic involved.  I turn my iPod down pretty low because I'm afraid of not hearing everything.  Yes, I realize I could just turn off the music but I'm not one to run with just my thoughts - I'm crazy enough, I don't need any extra time to think! ;)

I think I need to stick closer to a real half marathon training plan.  I've read about so many and it seems that the Hal Higdon Novice Plan comes highly recommended.  According to his plan, the long runs are scheduled for Sundays but I think my long runs will either be Friday or Saturday mornings.  The plan calls for days of "Stretch and Strengthen" and Cross-training.  I'll need to figure out what to do for those days.  I mean, I'm training to run a half marathon - shouldn't I be running? I have an elliptical machine that I suppose I could dust off and hop on.

Onto today's run:
According to the schedule, I should have run 2 miles or cross-train. Well, I didn't figure out what day was what on the plan (since I'm moving the long run up one day) so I thought I needed to do 3 miles. Here's what I did today:

When I was about half way through I saw my aunt's sister who lives up that way and stopped to chit chat with her for about 3 minutes.  I stopped my timer and restarted it once I got running again.  I ran the 3 miles in 35 min-ish. Not bad. I felt pretty ok. But most importantly, I'm glad it's over!

I'm still waiting for that time when running 3 miles will be easy.  I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself and start worrying about the fact that if 3 miles is hard, 13.1 is going to be damn near impossible. But I'm pretty sure that's why people TRAIN for these things, right? If it were that easy, nobody would need to train.

Run: 3 miles
Time: ~35 minutes
Weather: 65ish and WINDY
Next up: 3 miles tomorrow

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Monday...

Of COURSE the first day I have to report about my run it rains ALL night and most of the morning! Of COURSE! I desperately didn't want to come on here and say, "Sorry folks, didn't run today because it's raining."  Look - I would definitely run in the rain but I can't take the little guy out in the rain! I'm going to try to see if there is a rain cover for the jogging stroller. It'd be nice to have once it gets a little cooler too. Speaking of Thomas, I need to figure out how I'm going to do my weekday runs once it gets really cold. Can't take him out once it's freezing! Maybe a high school kid in the neighborhood can play with him while I go for a run.  Luckily it seems like the training runs during the week are no more than 5 miles when I'm really in the thick of it.

So, did I run? YES! The rain stopped and I got us both ready to go! I prefer running in the morning. It's not that I like running in the morning, I just like to get it over with! Plus, I feel so much better about myself during the day knowing I just knocked out a run!  I'm hoping that one of these days that momentum will kick my eating habits into gear too...we shall see. With all the hard work, why ruin it will chocolate? WHY NOT?? CHOCOLATE ROCKS! ehem, I mean, I should make a salad.

My weekday runs are around SUNY Maritime College:

At the tip there is Ft. Schuyler, the bridge is the Throggs Neck Bridge, and the school has gorgeous grounds to run around! Each lap is about .9 miles.  Normally the run along the water is peaceful with a bit of a breeze. Today?  Notsomuch. The wind was making those waves whip around that Thomas and I felt like we were running through a watery mist! The run was brutal.  I felt like I was sprinting the whole time just to fight against the wind.  And still, it took me 40 minutes to do a 5k.  Hey, I'll take it.

Because you know what? Today's run is done.  I'm one day closer to my goal. Go baby go!

Workout: Ran 3.1 miles
Time: 40 minutes (with jogging stroller)
Next up: 3 mile run tomorrow

Some Background before the Good Stuff Starts

Not only do I want to run this half marathon, but I need to start eating healthier too. Notsomuch a diet, just...well...not as MUCH as I've been eating lately. Why didn't I sleep last night? Oh right, because I had a delicious Klondike Bar minutes before I tried to go to bed. And doesn't Oprah say something about no food after 7pm? Alright so it's Monday. Diet starts....now.

Here is the Cast of Characters in this Road to the Tiarathon:

Me, of course:

This is the only recent picture of me that doesn't have me holding my son. It's not attractive. But hey, won't the "after" picture be that much better when I start out with one like this??

Like I said I'm not a runner and really don't enjoy it...Yet. Who knows, even a commenter on my previous post said I might surprise myself! After a career in finance and most recently as the Head of Investor Relations for a multi-billion dollar asset management firm, I hung up my power suit and stashed away my sensible heels to stay at home with my little guy.  Which is harder? Hands down, staying at home.  Which is more fulfilling? Do I even need to answer that??  A few months ago, I decided to turn something I really love into a fun job - I'm a Disney Vacation Planner for Pixie Vacations. I absolutely love it, I'm having a blast meeting some wonderful people and planning their magical vacations. I was nervous that working with Disney would lose some of the magic for me - nope! I've worked with some great folks at Disney and it's just great.

The little man: 
Thomas at the Bronx Zoo, August 2010
Thomas was born on June 20, 2009.  He's a great kid who just learned to walk, run, squeal, and torture our bulldog Fiona. He's really my biggest motivator! I can tell already he's going to be one active kid. I don't want to be a soccer mom on the sidelines handing out oranges. I want to be mom who PLAYS soccer with him! I want him to know that his mom can go out and play ball with him, can take him on in a running race, and won't be sitting like a lump on beach vacations but instead out on the sand and jumping waves.

The husband:

John and his partner in crime, August 2010
And here's John, husband extraordinaire.  He has gracefully accepted all of my neurosis and is supporting my new endeavor.  Unfortunately the cost of multiple trips down to Disney this year is making it impossible for John and Thomas to join me down for the race.  They will be cheering me on from home, I'm sure!  So yes, Disney's Princess Half Marathon will be one of firsts for me - running and being away from my son more than 7 hours since he was born!

And now onto the running:
Of course I'd want to then combine this whole running thing with Disney, right? After way too much time on the Dis Boards and Intercot, I looked into the Princess Half Marathon.  It's a race that involves training and endurance but it's not CRAZY like the full marathon. Like I've said before, I wasn't quite a coach potato but whatever the next step up from that is? That's me. I started on June 14th with the Couch to 5k App and crushed it.

Ok, I lied.  I suffered through even the first days where I got to walk way more than run! But I completed it and in less than the 9 weeks! My weekday runs are always with Thomas in the stroller. I started off running with him in our Peg Perego - NOT a running stroller! I gave myself a goal.  If I complete a 5k (not necessarily a race, just a 5k on my own) then I'd reward myself with a jogger. Well, around week 7 of my program, my aunt and uncle bought me a jogger!

That's a little more background about what's going on. My plans is to follow a mish-mosh of  a few of the "beginner half marathon" training blogs that I found through Google.  My weekday runs with the stroller are a little difficult because the jogger adds a bit of weight to the run. My weekend runs are childless and will be my long run days. According the the training blogs, it looks like 2, 3, and 4 mile runs are on tap for the weekdays with the weekend runs building up in mileage.

Not only will I blog about my training and it's suckiness (er, I mean how awesome I'll feel) but I have THREE Disney trips planned before the run so if it's ok with you I'll be doing a little Disney blogging too!

To my readers, please oh please feel free to comment freely - tips, complaints, motivating tidbits, ANYTHING!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's start, shall we?

The first post is always the most intimidating one, isn't it? The one where if you don't catch the reader's attention, you're doomed to the land of lost blogs...

No pressure!!

Without getting into the usual I'm-fat-and-lazy-and-I'm-turning-30-and-haven't-lost-the-baby-weight-even-though-I-have-a-14-month-old boo-hoo'ing, I'll just say that I've made a decision. One that I hope will lead to a happier and healthier life. And one that will get my formerly pooh-sized self an extra trip to my happy place - Walt Disney World! I've decided to run Disney's Princess Half Marathon.  Yes, I realize that's a whole lot of running just to go on a little vacation. But it's more than that. Like so many others, I'm looking at this as more than just a race.  It's something for me. It's something that I NEVER said I'd do.  Not because I think it's lame, but because I was too lazy to even think about it.

So, even if not one single person reads this blog (I can tell I'm boring people already), I'll stick with it until February 27th - Race Day. Prove To Myself That I'm More Than Just A Stay-At-Home-Mom Day.

I'll need motivation.  I'll need a plan.  Most importantly, I'll need a reward.

I'll come up with all that later. But for now, first post...over.