Sunday, October 7, 2012

My longest run so far! (and some..ehem, butt...issues)

See, this is a public blog but the beauty of not having any followers is that I can pretty much say whatever I want! I had a FANTASTIC run yesterday! Not only was it my farthest EVER but I didn't feel like dying the whole time! Don't get me wrong it wasn't fun but I finished it with a smile on my face which is huge. 15 miles. FIFTEEN! And only two years ago I could barely do five. Well, ok, doing five still isn't easy but I would have never dreamed of doing 15 once...on purpose!

I did change something though...I have been reading that "cotton is rotten" and to not wear cotton underwear. So I had the bright idea to go commando with my running capris. BAD. IDEA. Let's just say I will not be doing that again. What I need to do is look for some running underwear that is moisture wicking. My poor backside cannot deal with that again!

I am SO sore today but a good sore. Reminds me of what I saw online the other day.

I mean, RIGHT? Sure I'm sore and tired today but I did something that I had never done before! And it's only going to get harder and longer (ehem, that's what she said...sorry...had to) from here.

Last workout: 15 miles 2:41 10:42 pace
Next workout: Short run tomorrow (at the new gym near work that I joined!)
Days til marathon: 97!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back from another great trip

Another great trip in the books! The day before we left I did my 13 mile training run. Of course I did 13.1. That was only my second time ever doing that distance (the first being at the Princess Half in 2011) and it went well. I finished in 2:27 which was 5 minutes longer than my race time. I felt pretty good during the majority of the run. But after? I was beyond exhausted. As in, I could barely function for the rest of the day. I'm not sure what it was - not enough water? Food? I have no idea. But I will need to work on those long runs! I only did half the distance I'll have to do in January!

While in Disney I did two short runs. Well, medium runs I guess. My short runs are typically 4 miles. But being in Disney pumped me up and both runs were 10k. During the first one I felt great. Felt like I could go on and on. The second was much slower and more painful but that was probably because of the humidity. That and the fact that I'd been on my legs for the whole week by then.

The day after the trip I did a 3 mile workout (Jeff Galloway only has us doing 3 miles this week) and my 5k time was 30 min. I typically do a 5k in about 32 minutes. So, for me, I was flying. And still today my legs are an aching mess. I'm talking really sore. This is something I'm going to need work out if I have any hope of finishing that 26.2!

This afternoon a friend from high school and his wife came over for a quick visit. He is a triathlon coach. I mentioned that I was doing my first marathon in January. He said, "I have one bit of advice for you and that's it - SLOW DOWN" Ha! I told him that I can't get much slower during my long runs but he's right. Slow and steady finishes marathons!

Last workout: 10k at Disney 1:05
Next workout: short run on Tuesday
Days til marathon: 104

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back on the "train" gang...

Hello and welcome me!

The blog had a big time slow down in the last few months after baby Matt was born. It's been a really great 9.5 months since he was born. Sure there have been ups and downs but I'm truly blessed with a wonderful and incredibly hard working husband, a funny and sometimes pain-in-the-ass-but-totally-loveable toddler, and a bubbly sweetie of a baby boy.

Here we are on our most recent vacation to Ocean City, NJ.

We've had some life changes too. I'm no longer a stay-at-home mom. John was laid off in March and while he builds up his business (Bulldog Marketing & Sales) which, by the way, is doing awesome, I'm working as a financial writer for an asset management firm that I worked at before I had kids. It's a great gig with a ton of flexibility so it still lets me teach the Mommy and Me class at our local Catholic School and work from home sometimes too. It's been a pretty easy transition though at times while I'm at work I find myself feeling down and missing the boys. It just makes the weekends and our vacations that much more precious!

Now to running. I'm doing it! And I'm signed up for the WDW Marathon! I'm four months away from doing something I never thought I'd be able to do. But after completing the Princess Half in 2011 I truly feel that I can do this. I don't care if it takes me 7 hours to do it but I will! I'm currently on week 11 of the 28 week Jeff Galloway training program. He even calls it a training program for people whose goals are to finish in the upright position. That's me!

Training so far has had its ups and downs - really, what doesn't these days?? Last weekend I ran in the Bronx 10 mile race and It. Was. Horrible. Terrible. No Good. But at least I got that medal and learned a little about what it's like to run and really feel sick. I redeemed myself this morning and ran an awesome 11 miles! It took me about 30 seconds less than 2 hours. I'll take it. 

I'm glad to be back to blogging. This again will be my journal of training with some sharing about my love of Disney. We head to Disney this Saturday for a week and we're all looking forward to it!!

And like a true mom, this entry will be cut short because I can smell a very stinky diaper that needs changing!

Workout today: 11 miles 1:59 min. 10:53mm pace
Next workout: 4 miles on Tuesday
Day til Marathon: 119