Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back from another great trip

Another great trip in the books! The day before we left I did my 13 mile training run. Of course I did 13.1. That was only my second time ever doing that distance (the first being at the Princess Half in 2011) and it went well. I finished in 2:27 which was 5 minutes longer than my race time. I felt pretty good during the majority of the run. But after? I was beyond exhausted. As in, I could barely function for the rest of the day. I'm not sure what it was - not enough water? Food? I have no idea. But I will need to work on those long runs! I only did half the distance I'll have to do in January!

While in Disney I did two short runs. Well, medium runs I guess. My short runs are typically 4 miles. But being in Disney pumped me up and both runs were 10k. During the first one I felt great. Felt like I could go on and on. The second was much slower and more painful but that was probably because of the humidity. That and the fact that I'd been on my legs for the whole week by then.

The day after the trip I did a 3 mile workout (Jeff Galloway only has us doing 3 miles this week) and my 5k time was 30 min. I typically do a 5k in about 32 minutes. So, for me, I was flying. And still today my legs are an aching mess. I'm talking really sore. This is something I'm going to need work out if I have any hope of finishing that 26.2!

This afternoon a friend from high school and his wife came over for a quick visit. He is a triathlon coach. I mentioned that I was doing my first marathon in January. He said, "I have one bit of advice for you and that's it - SLOW DOWN" Ha! I told him that I can't get much slower during my long runs but he's right. Slow and steady finishes marathons!

Last workout: 10k at Disney 1:05
Next workout: short run on Tuesday
Days til marathon: 104

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