Wednesday, January 19, 2011

yeah, totally slacking today

there, i said it. i'm not running today. it's rainy and yucky and cold out. i canceled the sitter. she IS coming tomorrow so i can run. i'm feeling awfully lazy today. and hungry. this is the part of the winter when i decide i'm going to eat everything in the house and then spend the rest of the spring and summer trying to lose those 10 lbs i just gained. gah!

i'm allowing myself to have this day to veg. and tomorrow it's back on the wagon. if i come back here and haven't run tomorrow i give you all permission to e-slap me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

so much for LOSING weight!

more like gaining weight. oh well. i was in north carolina this weekend for my friend sarah's baby shower. i was away for one night. one glorious night of not having to worry about getting up with a baby! my first full night away from my son. and you know what? i wasn't nervous at all. i knew john had it all under control. sure, i'm sure they ate junk the whole weekend but guess what? so did i!

i ate chick fil a. i had a cookout milkshake (peanut butter banana thank you very much). i had bojangles and more homemade southern food at the shower. it was awesome. and now i'm just...bloated! i've been really bad about my eating habits. i know what i need to do to lose a few pounds but i just don't have the motivation. look, i'm already running alot ok? so just let me eat! lol. at least i AM running!!

i knew i'd be away for the weekend so i had my friend watch thomas and i set out on a 10 mile run. it was horrible! it was 19 degrees and the streets were craptastically plowed. i almost died no less than 12 times on my run! it took me just under 2 hours to complete the run which turned out to be about an 11 min/mile run. hey, it's not the fastest but it'll do for the half marathon. you have to run at least a 16 min/mile and i seem to be able to do that. even if all goes wrong during the last 3.1 miles, at least i know i'm capable of maintaining a decent pace for the first 10 miles!

i went out today for a 4 miler and again was SLOW. i think it's because all the fried food i ate slowed me down! at least it's over with!

we are leaving for disney on sunday! i need to do another long run on saturday before we go because i definitely will not have time for any long runs on our vacation! i will plan, however, on doing at least 2 short runs while i'm in disney. can't wait!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

chug chug chugging along!

well i feel like we're really getting down to the wire! this past saturday i went out and ran 9 miles! it was slow and i felt pretty awful during most of it! i managed a 11:19 min/mile pace. but that is a big average. the first few miles i was running at about a 10:00 min/mile pace and i swear the last 2 miles i was going at a negative pace! haha! i just kept telling myself to put one foot in front of the other. there was a time when i had thought that because i ran 4 miles at a 10:30 min/mile pace that i'd be able to keep that up for the half marathon. yeah, who am i kidding? that is totally not going to happen. at this point i don't care if i have to crawl across that finish line! i'm a beginner runner, no need to worry about time.

what i really want to do, if possible, is have FUN during this race! disney works so hard to put these races on and have entertainment for the runners that it would be a shame for me to at least not TRY to enjoy myself! why not try to get some pictures, right? that's what these new tiny cameras are for! it's not like back in the day when your camera broke your back! i could probably just hold mine in my hand!

so, after the 9 miles i was really tired for the rest of the day and my hips were killing me. in fact, they've been bothering me ever since. i can't figure out how to stretch my hips! still, i managed to find a college kid in the neighborhood today who could watch thomas for an hour for me. i ran 4 freezing cold miles. FREEZING COLD!!! did the usual maritime college loop. hips are sore again but the massive amounts of pulled pork sandwiches i just ate for dinner should make me feel better...right??

workout: 4.2 miles
time: 43:22 (10:20 min/miles)
next: we're supposed to get ANOTHER snowstorm and i'm hoping that i will be able to get out on wednesday. if not, ugh, i don't know. i guess i'll go out thursday although i need to do a long run on friday since i'm going down to NC to my friend's baby shower this weekend!

Monday, January 3, 2011

two steps forward, three steps back


i really feel like the universe is totally against me running this half marathon. well guess what universe? i'm gonna do it if it KILLS me!!! i got back into running after i got over my stomach bug and was doing really well. was getting in at least two or three runs a week which is not exactly what i wanted but considering it was freezing cold and it was next to impossible to get someone to watch the baby, i did pretty good. in fact last weekend i ran a 7 miler. it was long and slow but it was completed!

then of course i'm all set to run a 9 miler this weekend and BAM! sinus infection and cold. like, BAD cold. like, couldn't get out of bed cold. i was grounded again. i even had a sitter lined up for today but had to cancel. dammit! i'm hoping i'll be better tomorrow and the sitter can come again.

i must i must i must do my training! at least i know that i can do 10 miles.  sure, it was months ago but it was done. and i did 7 miles last week so that's over halfway there! i can do it! dammit! i can do it!

this winter has SUCKED as far as sickness!