Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back from Disney!

wow. disney with a toddler...alone? NEVER NEVER NEVER again! that was the most difficult week i think i've had in a LONG time. i'm tired just thinking about it. never mind the fact that i became violently ill the day we came home. what a nightmare that trip was!

still, i was at disney so i really can't complain. i didn't run while on the trip but i walked everywhere! i walked alot between epcot and disney's hollywood studios - love that walk!

i was so ill when i came back that i couldn't run for a while. i mean, i could barely walk let alone run! finally a few days ago i started feeling better and i left thomas with a friend and did a 4 mile run. the first 3 miles felt great! that never happens! usually it takes me a few miles to not feel like my legs are made out of lead. the last mile though? rough! i attribute that to the fact that i ate doritos before running! ew!

today i went out for a 5 mile run. it was cold! and hard! i actually wound up running just under 6.5 miles. not because i wanted to but because i underestimated how far away from home i had run!

this is crunch time now so i really can't afford to miss any training runs. having not run in a while i feel a little bit like i'm starting from scratch, especially after i had been up to 10 miles! still, 6.5 miles isn't too bad and i will plan on increasing my mileage by 1 mile each week until race time. once i get to 13 miles i will plan on doing 10 mile-ish long runs until the race day.

workout: 6.5 miles
time: can't remember but about an hour and 10 minutes
next up: my 4 mile short run on tuesday :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

One last post before I leave

And a good one at that!

Got out this morning before my hair appointment for a final run before I leave for Disney. I was telling myself that I should do 3-4 miles. It would have been great to have a 7 miler under my belt before leaving for vacation but seeing as it's been over a month since I've run that far I really didn't think it would be wise to go for it, especially since I haven't run this week at all.

So, I did the usual Maritime Run and IT. WAS. FREEZING!!! 32 degrees. That wouldn't be all that bad except for the fact that the wind was HOWLING off the water and I don't have any cold weather running gear. Really need to get on the whole it's-winter-now-so-dress-appropriately thing. I ran in my running capris, a running t-shirt, and this long sleeved running shirt that I got from target that is paper thin. BRRRR!!! Once I got running I started to sweat though and warm up.

I wound up running 5 miles! Not bad. And I felt pretty good about my in-shapedness (in-shapedness? sure, why not!) that I could go a week without running and still be able to run 5 miles without stopping or vomiting all over the side of the road.

Thomas is taking a little snooze and John is laying down too. He came down with a bad cold last night and his nose is appropriately colored for the season - red. I need to finish up my packing and get to bed early.  I'm going to try to persuade John to take us out to eat tonight since 1) we won't see him now for a week and 2) I don't want to cook.

Workout: 5.14 miles
Time: 53:34
Next up: Lots of sweet treats at Disney and a whole lotta walking!

Friday, December 3, 2010

just so you know...

...I am in no way flaking on this half marathon.  I'm going to finish this mother pooper if it's the last thing I do!

I'm planning on a run early in the morning tomorrow. Yes, that means that I didn't run at all this week and will only run once before I head to Disney for a week. Yeah, I know that I really can't afford to just take a week off. But come ON people. I'm going to Disney! When I get home I will run the next day. And then I'm back on plan.

I came up with a real plan! My girlfriend's 13 year old daughter is going to come over after school 2 or 3 days a week and watch Thomas for an hour so I can do my short runs. Sucky part is that I'll need to pay her 10 bucks each time but you know what? I AM SO WORTH IT!

So, if I don't chit chat with you before we leave, I will be back next week to update you on our trip! I will be on my own with the little guy and I'll need SOMEONE to talk to so I'll be sure to be posting updates on Twitter chock full of pictures. And don't be surprised if some of my pics are of margaritas, grey goose slushies, and biers from Germany....hehe :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sorry guys, it's been a while...

sadly i don't have great news to report. well, no, wait..that's a lie.  my foot is feeling better! hurrah! that's a good thing.

but the running side of things hasn't been all that good.  i haven't run in a few days. thomas was sick yesterday, it's been too cold to get out with him in the jogger, and today it's raining cats and dogs. i'm really wishing i had a treadmill. at least i could get some running in if i had one. alas, i have no room and no money for a treadmill.

i did go out for a run last week and did 5 great miles. then i took two days off and on sunday i went for another run. i planned on doing 7 miles and could barely get out 3.5! it was awful! i just felt TERRIBLE!

i might call this week a wash and just go out on saturday and try to do a 5 miler. then sunday we leave for disney and sadly i won't be able to run while we're there. the weather looks perfect but since it's just me and Thomas going, i just won't be able to get any running in. however, i know i'll be doing a ton of walking so at least i'll have some exercise. then when i'm back i will just have to come up with a plan to get the running in. 

i promise i'll have better running to report soon enough. i better because the princess half is getting close!!