Sunday, October 7, 2012

My longest run so far! (and some..ehem, butt...issues)

See, this is a public blog but the beauty of not having any followers is that I can pretty much say whatever I want! I had a FANTASTIC run yesterday! Not only was it my farthest EVER but I didn't feel like dying the whole time! Don't get me wrong it wasn't fun but I finished it with a smile on my face which is huge. 15 miles. FIFTEEN! And only two years ago I could barely do five. Well, ok, doing five still isn't easy but I would have never dreamed of doing 15 once...on purpose!

I did change something though...I have been reading that "cotton is rotten" and to not wear cotton underwear. So I had the bright idea to go commando with my running capris. BAD. IDEA. Let's just say I will not be doing that again. What I need to do is look for some running underwear that is moisture wicking. My poor backside cannot deal with that again!

I am SO sore today but a good sore. Reminds me of what I saw online the other day.

I mean, RIGHT? Sure I'm sore and tired today but I did something that I had never done before! And it's only going to get harder and longer (ehem, that's what she said...sorry...had to) from here.

Last workout: 15 miles 2:41 10:42 pace
Next workout: Short run tomorrow (at the new gym near work that I joined!)
Days til marathon: 97!