Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sorry guys, it's been a while...

sadly i don't have great news to report. well, no, wait..that's a lie.  my foot is feeling better! hurrah! that's a good thing.

but the running side of things hasn't been all that good.  i haven't run in a few days. thomas was sick yesterday, it's been too cold to get out with him in the jogger, and today it's raining cats and dogs. i'm really wishing i had a treadmill. at least i could get some running in if i had one. alas, i have no room and no money for a treadmill.

i did go out for a run last week and did 5 great miles. then i took two days off and on sunday i went for another run. i planned on doing 7 miles and could barely get out 3.5! it was awful! i just felt TERRIBLE!

i might call this week a wash and just go out on saturday and try to do a 5 miler. then sunday we leave for disney and sadly i won't be able to run while we're there. the weather looks perfect but since it's just me and Thomas going, i just won't be able to get any running in. however, i know i'll be doing a ton of walking so at least i'll have some exercise. then when i'm back i will just have to come up with a plan to get the running in. 

i promise i'll have better running to report soon enough. i better because the princess half is getting close!!

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