Saturday, December 4, 2010

One last post before I leave

And a good one at that!

Got out this morning before my hair appointment for a final run before I leave for Disney. I was telling myself that I should do 3-4 miles. It would have been great to have a 7 miler under my belt before leaving for vacation but seeing as it's been over a month since I've run that far I really didn't think it would be wise to go for it, especially since I haven't run this week at all.

So, I did the usual Maritime Run and IT. WAS. FREEZING!!! 32 degrees. That wouldn't be all that bad except for the fact that the wind was HOWLING off the water and I don't have any cold weather running gear. Really need to get on the whole it's-winter-now-so-dress-appropriately thing. I ran in my running capris, a running t-shirt, and this long sleeved running shirt that I got from target that is paper thin. BRRRR!!! Once I got running I started to sweat though and warm up.

I wound up running 5 miles! Not bad. And I felt pretty good about my in-shapedness (in-shapedness? sure, why not!) that I could go a week without running and still be able to run 5 miles without stopping or vomiting all over the side of the road.

Thomas is taking a little snooze and John is laying down too. He came down with a bad cold last night and his nose is appropriately colored for the season - red. I need to finish up my packing and get to bed early.  I'm going to try to persuade John to take us out to eat tonight since 1) we won't see him now for a week and 2) I don't want to cook.

Workout: 5.14 miles
Time: 53:34
Next up: Lots of sweet treats at Disney and a whole lotta walking!

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