Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back from Disney!

wow. disney with a toddler...alone? NEVER NEVER NEVER again! that was the most difficult week i think i've had in a LONG time. i'm tired just thinking about it. never mind the fact that i became violently ill the day we came home. what a nightmare that trip was!

still, i was at disney so i really can't complain. i didn't run while on the trip but i walked everywhere! i walked alot between epcot and disney's hollywood studios - love that walk!

i was so ill when i came back that i couldn't run for a while. i mean, i could barely walk let alone run! finally a few days ago i started feeling better and i left thomas with a friend and did a 4 mile run. the first 3 miles felt great! that never happens! usually it takes me a few miles to not feel like my legs are made out of lead. the last mile though? rough! i attribute that to the fact that i ate doritos before running! ew!

today i went out for a 5 mile run. it was cold! and hard! i actually wound up running just under 6.5 miles. not because i wanted to but because i underestimated how far away from home i had run!

this is crunch time now so i really can't afford to miss any training runs. having not run in a while i feel a little bit like i'm starting from scratch, especially after i had been up to 10 miles! still, 6.5 miles isn't too bad and i will plan on increasing my mileage by 1 mile each week until race time. once i get to 13 miles i will plan on doing 10 mile-ish long runs until the race day.

workout: 6.5 miles
time: can't remember but about an hour and 10 minutes
next up: my 4 mile short run on tuesday :)

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