Monday, January 3, 2011

two steps forward, three steps back


i really feel like the universe is totally against me running this half marathon. well guess what universe? i'm gonna do it if it KILLS me!!! i got back into running after i got over my stomach bug and was doing really well. was getting in at least two or three runs a week which is not exactly what i wanted but considering it was freezing cold and it was next to impossible to get someone to watch the baby, i did pretty good. in fact last weekend i ran a 7 miler. it was long and slow but it was completed!

then of course i'm all set to run a 9 miler this weekend and BAM! sinus infection and cold. like, BAD cold. like, couldn't get out of bed cold. i was grounded again. i even had a sitter lined up for today but had to cancel. dammit! i'm hoping i'll be better tomorrow and the sitter can come again.

i must i must i must do my training! at least i know that i can do 10 miles.  sure, it was months ago but it was done. and i did 7 miles last week so that's over halfway there! i can do it! dammit! i can do it!

this winter has SUCKED as far as sickness!

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  1. I hear you. We have all been sick here and my training has not been goinggood. Hopefully that will improve for both of us!