Monday, January 17, 2011

so much for LOSING weight!

more like gaining weight. oh well. i was in north carolina this weekend for my friend sarah's baby shower. i was away for one night. one glorious night of not having to worry about getting up with a baby! my first full night away from my son. and you know what? i wasn't nervous at all. i knew john had it all under control. sure, i'm sure they ate junk the whole weekend but guess what? so did i!

i ate chick fil a. i had a cookout milkshake (peanut butter banana thank you very much). i had bojangles and more homemade southern food at the shower. it was awesome. and now i'm just...bloated! i've been really bad about my eating habits. i know what i need to do to lose a few pounds but i just don't have the motivation. look, i'm already running alot ok? so just let me eat! lol. at least i AM running!!

i knew i'd be away for the weekend so i had my friend watch thomas and i set out on a 10 mile run. it was horrible! it was 19 degrees and the streets were craptastically plowed. i almost died no less than 12 times on my run! it took me just under 2 hours to complete the run which turned out to be about an 11 min/mile run. hey, it's not the fastest but it'll do for the half marathon. you have to run at least a 16 min/mile and i seem to be able to do that. even if all goes wrong during the last 3.1 miles, at least i know i'm capable of maintaining a decent pace for the first 10 miles!

i went out today for a 4 miler and again was SLOW. i think it's because all the fried food i ate slowed me down! at least it's over with!

we are leaving for disney on sunday! i need to do another long run on saturday before we go because i definitely will not have time for any long runs on our vacation! i will plan, however, on doing at least 2 short runs while i'm in disney. can't wait!!!

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