Monday, November 22, 2010

Universe: stop hating me, PLEASE! guys, this is getting a little ridiculous! I was hoping by now to have at least had a 12 mile run and to just maintain my long runs until the Princess Half Marathon. OF COURSE that's not the case! First it's the foot, then my time spent in the ER with balloon hands and feet, and now...rashed foot. What the hell!?? 

I ran a little this weekend. My foot was still really bothering me. Yesterday John, Thomas, and I went to the Westchester Road Runner Store (well, John sat in the car while Thomas napped). The guys and gals in there were awesome! At first I was nervous that they would take one look at me and be like, "um, yeah, you're so NOT a runner" But I told they guy I needed new shoes, I had a foot injury, my current shoes suck and he was like, "well, when you leave here we will have helped one thing: no more sucky shoes!" haha. He spent a ton of time with me and had me running up and down the sidewalk to see how I felt.

I wound up with the Women's Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5, 8, WHITE/MTLC PLATINUM/MATTE SILVER/UNIVERSITY BLUE. I like them! What I wasn't crazy about was the fact that they were $130. I had a $50 amex card though so that helped the pain a little.

I'm excited to use them and he suggested that I wear them all the time until my injury is better because they have the exact support I need. I had originally gone in thinking I'd buy a pair of running shoes too and he didn't even try to sell me another pair. to me, that's awesome service!

One bad thing (of course) - on my left foot, the injured one, is a HUGE rash that's been there for days. and it's spreading. WTF??? I'm gonna go to the doctor today to see what it's all about.  I don't know if it has anything to do with the supposed allergic reaction that landed me in the ER last week.  My hands, feet, and knees ballooned up.  Even after Benadryl and a Steroid IV the swelling was still very bad. Finally that's gone but now I'm dealing with an itchy rash on my foot that is spreading up my leg.

I just want to get out and run. I want to take my shoes on their first voyage! But instead I need to see if my doctor will take me in today.  This is ridiculous. I've been to the doctor more in the last couple of weeks than I have in like 10 years!

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