Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is BAD

This is very, very bad.  I took close to a week off from running to not only rest my foot but to recover from another bout of strep throat. I decided I felt well enough to head out this morning. I told myself I'd do a short run.  I managed to do 4.1 miles and my foot is KILLING me. Like, really really really hurting. $HIT!!! I went online to look for a doctor. I don't know what to do or who to see. Do I go to a podiatrist? And of course I can't find anything on I'm going to call their service to look for a sports medicine person I guess.

I'm so pissed. And depressed. WTF am I going to do?? I guess I can do the elliptical to try to keep up with my exercise. BUT I WANT TO RUN! Ok, I don't WANT to run but you know what I mean.

This really f'ing sucks. Also, if this foot this is like a major problem, how the heck am I supposed to care for a little boy? Oh and not to mention our upcoming trip to Disney...


  1. Man that really does suck..i hope that you are able to call and get into some doctor. my primary care physican has a sports medicine doctor on staff..maybe yours does too??

    Hopefully they can get it figured out and you will be all better soon and all the suck that is happening now wil be gone.

  2. The elliptical may still hurt, do you have recumbent bike access?