Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Running in the Rain!

...Just running in the rain! What a hideous feeling I'm in so much pain!" - Nancy's rendition of Singing in the Rain

You know what the best part of THAT run was? The last quarter of a mile. Actually, that's a lie. I really did feel good the first lap of Maritime College! Really! Pretty good! It was the second and third laps that really blew chunks.  It was about the beginning of the second lap where the mist turned into more of a drizzle and I felt like a blind person running. Now I know why people wear hats while they run. Of course Thomas stayed nice and cozy warm.  After texting my cousin AND my friend to see if they could watch him for an hour and not getting a response (they both were sleeping - I sometimes forget that not everyone wakes up at 6am like our family...thanks Thomas!), I found the rain cover to my Peg Perego and used it to cover Thomas in the Baby Jogger.  As soon as I put the cover on (not a great fit but close enough and FREE), Thomas FREAKED. Ugh. Great. I was pretty sure the neighbors were watching me wondering what that crazy blond was doing torturing her little boy. But I clipped on the good ole pacifier and he was a-ok.

So yeah, the run was wet and I could have done without the construction workers staring at me while I huffed by them for three laps but hey, it's over.

According to the plan, next up is..REST! Woohoo! I deserve it! Yeah baby! A rest after a run where I wanted to just sit at home in pj's and eat.

And you know what else is awesome? Only 24 days until my next Disney trip! It's our first as Disney Vacation Club owners and we're staying at the Beach Club! Squeeeee!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!  The second I dip my toes into Stormalong Bay I will KNOW I'm home!
What I will need to do is plan where and when I'll be running while in Disney.  In the past, anytime I saw a runner at Disney I proclaimed them, "The craziest person I've seen in a while." You already walk SO much at the parks, why run? (Last trip I brought a pedometer with me and we walked 11 miles one day and 12 the next!) We'll be there in late September when it's still HOT down there. I will have to just plan out not only my ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations) and Park Hours but I will have to plan out the runs. Thomas wakes up so early anyway that after he wakes up and eats, I'll still have time to do the weekday runs AND make park opening!

Workout: 3.1 miles
Time: 37 minutes (with baby jogger)
Weather: CRAP (er, I mean, misty and about 65 degrees)
Next up: REST day! WOOT!

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