Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gotta love the Bronx

I really love my weekend runs. 

Ok, "love" is such a strong word. More like, I "prefer" the weekend runs. At least right now I do.  My "long" runs are only listed as 4 miles right now so they aren't too much longer than the regular weekday runs.  But what really makes the difference is that I don't have to push that heavy jogging stroller with me. It makes life just that much easier.  And anything to make running easy is a "love" in my book.

Running in the Bronx is an interesting thing. I see just about everything in my short little run.  Starting out in my neighborhood which looks like a scene out of Mayberry, I ran out to the park and followed the same route as yesterday.  I had a nice view of the water for a while until I turned left and went back towards East Tremont Ave. I just have to chuckle when I am running along the water and the park one minute and the next minute I'm stepping on dime bags, barely missing a used condom (ewwww!), and running past the local drunk! Definitely a dynamic place I live in! I don't consider where I run to be dangerous at all but I will make sure to do all my runs in daylight - I'd do that no matter where I was anyway.

I wound up doing the original run I was supposed to do yesterday. By the time I made it to Maritime I was really tired but felt pretty good. Again, glad it's over! Tomorrow is "Stretch and Strengthen" day - I hope to maybe do a little power yoga in the morning before I leave for my cousin's bridal shower in New Jersey. 

I SO deserve the cake tomorrow! Can't wait! Er, I mean, I'm looking forward to celebrating with my cousin...

Workout: 4.2 miles
Time: 45 minutes
Next up: Stretch and Strengthen -

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