Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thinking Ahead to the February Trip

My next Disney trip is only 21 days away! Our first trip as Disney Vacation Club members. I absolutely cannot WAIT to be welcomed home when we arrive at the Beach Club Villas that day.  We'll be celebrating two birthdays that trip.  Hubby is turning 40 on the trip and a couple days after we return I'll be turning 30.  We decided to do the Dining Plan for the trip as a bit of a celebration.  Normally we eat on the cheap while there - bring oatmeal for breakfast, pack pb&j's for lunch, and buy only dinner.  But this time will be a nice eat-fest! I MUST get out and run at least a few times while we're there!!

I am officially booked for the half marathon trip! I'm signed up for the race, have my flights booked, and the resort is reserved!  My friend Lauren has agreed to go down with me and run the race - AWESOME! She is an amazing friend and has already run a BUNCH of marathons! Wow!  She told me that she'll help me train and even run the race at MY pace.  That is a really great thing, especially because she runs FAST! I'm looking forward to having here there with me but I will still be considering this whole thing as a personal triumph and a celebration of ME. Selfish? Probably. But you never know how things can change and in case she can't come, I know that I will definitely be there.

I hope she does come because I wound up using 80,000 Delta frequent flier miles of my husband's to get there!  Regardless, we'll be staying at Disney's All Star Movies Resort, getting in on Friday morning and checking out Sunday, the day of the race. 

Being a food addict, I'm thinking ADRs already! We are a day away from the 180 day mark and I want to make sure I make reservations for the "perfect" night-before-the-race dinner and and even better celebration meal for after the race! Our flight home isn't until 6pm or so Sunday so we'll have a decent amount of time to hit the parks and EAT! Where should we eat? The night before the race I'm thinking an early dinner with some extra carbs...right?? And as for post-race, I don't know what I'll want to eat but I DO know that it will involve some sort of drinking around the World at Epcot! Can we say FIESTA MARGARITA???
Looks delicious, doesn't it?

It's all about the motivation, baby! And if thinking about what I'm going to eat before/after the race is what will get me to the finish line, then so be it!

Anyone have advice or recommendations for pre- and post-race dining???

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