Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Monday...

Of COURSE the first day I have to report about my run it rains ALL night and most of the morning! Of COURSE! I desperately didn't want to come on here and say, "Sorry folks, didn't run today because it's raining."  Look - I would definitely run in the rain but I can't take the little guy out in the rain! I'm going to try to see if there is a rain cover for the jogging stroller. It'd be nice to have once it gets a little cooler too. Speaking of Thomas, I need to figure out how I'm going to do my weekday runs once it gets really cold. Can't take him out once it's freezing! Maybe a high school kid in the neighborhood can play with him while I go for a run.  Luckily it seems like the training runs during the week are no more than 5 miles when I'm really in the thick of it.

So, did I run? YES! The rain stopped and I got us both ready to go! I prefer running in the morning. It's not that I like running in the morning, I just like to get it over with! Plus, I feel so much better about myself during the day knowing I just knocked out a run!  I'm hoping that one of these days that momentum will kick my eating habits into gear too...we shall see. With all the hard work, why ruin it will chocolate? WHY NOT?? CHOCOLATE ROCKS! ehem, I mean, I should make a salad.

My weekday runs are around SUNY Maritime College:

At the tip there is Ft. Schuyler, the bridge is the Throggs Neck Bridge, and the school has gorgeous grounds to run around! Each lap is about .9 miles.  Normally the run along the water is peaceful with a bit of a breeze. Today?  Notsomuch. The wind was making those waves whip around that Thomas and I felt like we were running through a watery mist! The run was brutal.  I felt like I was sprinting the whole time just to fight against the wind.  And still, it took me 40 minutes to do a 5k.  Hey, I'll take it.

Because you know what? Today's run is done.  I'm one day closer to my goal. Go baby go!

Workout: Ran 3.1 miles
Time: 40 minutes (with jogging stroller)
Next up: 3 mile run tomorrow


  1. Good start Nancy! I will be cheering you on from my desk at work!

  2. Great run! I'm also training for the princess half.

  3. The first workout is always the hardest and you completed it, rain and all - CONGRATS! I am thinking of running the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach March 2011, so I will check back and use you as my motivation