Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Buffer Zone

According to the training plan, today is my REST day. Ha! Yeah, tell that to my 14 month old who wanted nothing of the words, "How about you lay on the couch with Mommy for a little?" My knees and shins are a little sore so I didn't feel like taking much of a walk today either.  So, Thomas and I headed to the playground for a little bit.  Sadly, he wanted NOTHING to do with the park! What?? He finally is able to walk and play down there and he just clung to me and cried like he was at the doctor's office. Only thing I can think of: Teething. Haven't had a new tooth in a while, the nose is a little runny, and the crabbiness speaks for itself.

I'm not quite ready to actually REST...yet. I'm one of those people that easily comes up with excellent excuses to not exercise.  After Thomas laid down for a nap, I stuck a yoga DVD in.  It's not running but it's not exactly resting either.  In fact, I'm guaranteed to be sore after this. I actually don't like yoga. Any class I've been to including prenatal yoga has been a total time-suck of hippy sunshine that I just couldn't stand. But this particular yoga DVD is one that I've had for YEARS and it feels more like a workout than "nurturing my body and soul".  Brian Kest's Power Yoga has a really quick 20 minute workout that will leave your arms and abs sore for at least a day or two (Ok, it leaves ME sore so for all you athletes just keep reading!).  The guy can get a little hippy-ish but really only at the end where you just lay there for a couple minutes - he calls it the "Buffer Zone" - between where you were and where you're going.  It's now an ongoing joke with my husband and I - when we're stressed or need to exercise we just tell each other to head on over to the Buffer Zone.

These next two day are supposed to be beautiful and I'm looking forward to running tomorrow without the jogger. Hubs will be home from work.  I may do the long run tomorrow instead of Saturday.  Week 2 of Hal Hidgon's plan has me only at 4 miles again so depending how I feel, maybe I'll do it Friday and Saturday like I did last week? We shall see. But for now, I need to REST.

Next up: Run tomorrow (either 30 min cross like the program says or 4 miles)

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