Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's start, shall we?

The first post is always the most intimidating one, isn't it? The one where if you don't catch the reader's attention, you're doomed to the land of lost blogs...

No pressure!!

Without getting into the usual I'm-fat-and-lazy-and-I'm-turning-30-and-haven't-lost-the-baby-weight-even-though-I-have-a-14-month-old boo-hoo'ing, I'll just say that I've made a decision. One that I hope will lead to a happier and healthier life. And one that will get my formerly pooh-sized self an extra trip to my happy place - Walt Disney World! I've decided to run Disney's Princess Half Marathon.  Yes, I realize that's a whole lot of running just to go on a little vacation. But it's more than that. Like so many others, I'm looking at this as more than just a race.  It's something for me. It's something that I NEVER said I'd do.  Not because I think it's lame, but because I was too lazy to even think about it.

So, even if not one single person reads this blog (I can tell I'm boring people already), I'll stick with it until February 27th - Race Day. Prove To Myself That I'm More Than Just A Stay-At-Home-Mom Day.

I'll need motivation.  I'll need a plan.  Most importantly, I'll need a reward.

I'll come up with all that later. But for now, first post...over.


  1. good luck!!! i am sure you will do great! i am also training to run a half marathon before I turn thirty. I have a year and a half left but hopefully it will not take that long!

  2. Good Luck! You may even surprise yourself, and like I did. And you will make it a part of your life. who may be going to WDW for the marathon in 2012!

  3. Thanks to you BOTH! Those words of motivation are worth more than you know! And thanks for following me! I won't let you down! :)

  4. You will do great & thanks for posting the fat picture of me.

    Love you.