Monday, August 30, 2010

Git 'er done

I'm on Week 3 of my half marathon training (I'm one day ahead so doing Tuesday's workout on a Monday) which meant a 3.5 mile run.  I really wish that distance wouldn't still be giving me heart palpitations!  I mean, look, I really only started running again in the middle of June so it's no wonder any distance over one city block freaks me out. But I sort of thought that after a weekend of a 5.5 mile and 4 mile run that I'd look at anything in the 3's and just knock it out. Notsomuch.

After years of looking at running as a form of punishment (one toe out of place with my soccer coach as a kid and it was, "NANCY!!! DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY THEN GO RUN LAPS!"), it's really not a surprise that I'm having trouble getting over the mental block of running just being a sucky thing. Still, I'm doing it this time and if it kills me I'm going to like it. I don't have to love it but I WILL LIKE TO RUN. Sure, that may come the second I cross the finish line of the race and I may never feel it again but that's ok!

Let's focus on the positives of today's run. I accomplished some things today that I NEVER have done before! For the first time since I had my son (other than the day we flew to Disney in January), I set my alarm.  I jumped out of bed before I could even think about the fact that I didn't want to get up. Put my new running capris on and laced up my shoes (yes, i slept in my sports bra and running shirt - anything to reduce any excuse not to get out there and go!), sipped half a cup of coffee and headed out by 5:30! A year ago, being able to sleep til 5:15 was considered sleeping in! But now, my boy has been sleeping better and his wake up time is about 6:15 or so. So why did I run before Thomas woke up? I usually just stick him in the jogger after he's up for the day. Well, it is my DEAR friend Veronica's birthday today and I'm taking her out to breakfast this morning.  In the past, I would tell myself that I'd run after I got home....and then it would be too then I'd say I'd run after Thomas went to sleep...and then I'd just go to bed. Instead, I worked my run INTO my plans. I made it a priority. And I ran. I ran 4 miles (MapMyRun is telling me 3.99 miles...but come on!). Got home, jumped in the shower, drank a delicious glass of chocolate milk, and THEN Thomas woke up. He woke up to a happier, healthier mom who is ready to enjoy those pancakes that she truly deserves today!

Workout: 4 miles (ok, fine, 3.99 miles)
Time: 42.5 minutes
Next up: 2 miles or cross-train tomorrow

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