Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A look at THE Race

Well, poo, it's raining. Just checked The Weather Channel's hour-by-hour and it looks like rain all day. GAH! What to do?  What to do?  It's too early for me to skip a run.  I know myself. One day of skipping will lead to two and so on.  I guess this blog is working as I feel accountable to it already!  So, while I try to figure out how I'm going to get this run in, let's take a look at the race I'll be running in 185 days (but who's counting?): 

Thousands of women from all around the world will take part in Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. presented by Lady Foot Locker.  I actually just bought my sneakers from that store a few weeks ago (before the whole half marathon thing came into play). The weekend is being called a three-day celebration of women’s health and fitness.  Awesome! Doesn't that just pump you up?!  They will have a "Fit For a Princess Expo" at 
Disney's Wide World of Sports where I plan on spending lots of money.  I mean, it's not everyday this couch potato runs a half marathon, right? Might as well buy all the commemorative items I can! (Not that I plan on stopping after this...but you know what I mean).  The weekend's signature event is of course Disney’s Princess Half Marathon on Sunday Feb. 27th but on Saturday there will be a Royal Family 5k race and plenty of kids races too!  I really wish my husband could be there so we could all participate - not that he'd necessarily run but I bet my son would LOVE to be in the diaper races.  Any reason for him to get up and move he enjoys (another reason for this mama to get in shape: for her moving baby boy). 

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancers.  I'm thrilled about this as it gives me even more motivation to do this race - not only to benefit myself but to benefit those working so hard to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, as well as work to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.  Three years ago, my friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and went through some pretty tough stuff during his diagnosis and treatment.  So running in a race that raises money for such a good cause is really just reason #563 why I should get off my butt and go!

According to Disney: The Disney Princesses are the inspiration for the weekend’s events and will focus on the attributes every princess possesses: commitment, courage, determination, fantasy, perseverance, and strength. Every woman is a princess, which princess are you?

Which princess am I? Well, for anyone that knows me, they know that "Nancy" and "princess" are usually not used in the same sentence.  I'm more of a Pumba than a Cinderella. But, you know what? If there's ever an excuse to be a princess, this is the one! I'll bite.  Which princess am I? In order to sign up for the race and get the appropriate bib, you had to chose your favorite Disney princess. Hmmmm.... Snow White? Um, no.  That chick showed up to some dudes' house and cleaned it up, essentially volunteering to be the maid? No thanks.  Sleeping Beauty? She was WAY too obsessed with finding the man. There's more to life than your man, honey.  Cinderella? Dressing up pretty is the way to a man's heart? Meh, not my style. I like that she started with nothing (like how I'm starting with zero athletic prowess).  But, no. How about Belle? She loves to read, she strong enough to save her dad, and she's got guts enough to stand up to the Beast. Ok, I can dig that. Brains first, right? Alright, it's settled. Belle's my girl: 

Yeah, I'm digging Belle now before the fancy yellow get-up. I'll save that beautiful dress for after the race.  But for now, I'm homely Belle...still working towards the goal :)

Of course Disney handles everything like a well-oiled machine.  I can't wait for all the on-course entertainment to keep me motivated during the race.  I've read some amazing race reports detailing the music, the cheering cast members, the GOSPEL CHOIR, etc etc that get you through.  Even the mile markers are a fairy tale: 
Can't wait to see THAT one!!

And finally, the medal.  THE MEDAL! I'm going to get this medal if it kills me. I'm going to wear it all day.  I'm going to wear it to the airport and let the metal detectors BEEP! me. What's that? Oh I forgot to take off my bling? How silly of me! 
 Can't wait. Now, if it would only stop raining so I could get out there and do my run!

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