Tuesday, June 7, 2011

an injury! and i'm not even training!

Here I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and doing pretty well the last couple of weeks as far as getting in some exercise, and in particular, some good runs. Sure, my runs are only 2 or 3 miles but considering it's hot, I'm pushing a 25 lb toddler in a jogger, and I'm knocked up, I'd say that's pretty good.

I ran a really nice 3 miles around SUNY Maritime. I got home and showered and put some flip flops on. OUCH! My right heel! PAIN! Like, hurts-to-put-weight-on-it pain. Crap. What is that? The dreaded plantar faciatis? Fatty pad injury? Off to Google I went and it looks like both issues require the same treatment - rest. Ah poo. I feel like this happens so often. I get in a good rhythm and then have to stop due to some stupid injury.

The next few days we are supposed to break records as far as heat and humidity are concerned so really it's forcing me not to run and overdo it anyway. As I've learned alot the last couple of months, everything happens for a reason!

All this being said, I'm happy to report that we maybe sorta might go to Disney one last time as a family of three in September! I'm hoping and praying that John will be able to take the time off from work (his new place is SO anal about it). I've made a reservation for us for a week in a one bedroom villa at Bay Lake Towers at Disney's Contemporary Resort! I've even gone so far as to make our dining reservations for the week too. Wishful thinking maybe but one can hope and dream, right??

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  1. I meant to come on a your last post and say CONGRATS! bummer on your foot, seriously that is such a pain. great job for still running!

    we are burning up around her also its not fun already past 100 degree heat indexes.

    I hope you all get to take a family vacation, it sounds great.