Tuesday, February 1, 2011

damn this snow!

so yes, i did go out and run after that last post. i did not, however, do a long run the day before we left for disney. the high that day was 19 degrees and i just couldn't get a long one in. i only did about 2.3 miles as i was totally freezing. i wound up not running AT ALL during our trip to disney. and you know what? i'm ok with that. we had a GREAT time. i ate and drank like a piggy but it was so fun!

i got in 4 miles yesterday and froze my butt off. i did ok with it and felt alright. but this snow is just out of control. it is more like ice-raining right now and it looks like i won't be able to get out tomorrow like i had hoped. it's supposed to snow all day. they will probably close the schools too. blah.

the race is getting closer and closer! i had originally hoped to do a 13 mile training run but it doesn't look like i'll get that high up. i think that's ok though as many training plans only have you go up to 10 miles anyway.

i have to go back to drinking my hot chocolate. it's cold out!

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