Sunday, February 20, 2011

Major bummer of a last long run :(

GAAAAAHHH! I planned on running 10 miles yesterday as my last long run before the big race. I walked out the door and the wind was CRAZY! I figured that it would just make me tougher and I still headed out. Holy jeez the wind was insane and according to the news the gusts were around 40 mph. My hat kept blowing off and I just couldn't seem to move forward! I made it to the park but needed to turn around. There was so much stuff flying around like garbage cans and dirt and dust. YUCK!

I made it only a little under 7 miles. I was really disappointed. I've done only 2 10 mile runs so I'm hoping that's enough to get me to the finish line. I'm telling myself that the almost 7 I did yesterday was the equivalent to running alot more since it was SO hard to run. I usually don't stop to walk but I needed to stop 3 different times yesterday which made my pace something like 13 min/miles.

Wah, I'm a little bummed. But, one week from today I'll be running my race! Wow!!! Now or never baby!!

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