Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Ok, I realize that I will be laughing at this title in just a few short months when I'm running in sub-freezing weather. But today was a chilly day! I originally planned on doing the elliptical machine while Thomas had a nap.  However since we didn't have Mommy & Me class today my morning was wide open and Thomas was up EARLY.  So, I decided to bundle the little boy up and head out to Maritime for a run! It was pretty tough! I felt tired and my legs just didn't seem to want to move.  I was going to stop after two miles but was inspired by this morning's Today Show feature on Maritime College's football coach. He will be deploying soon to Afghanistan leaving behind his wife and two sons.  I see them all the time while Thomas and I do our running around the campus.  It was really neat and totally surprising to see someone I "knew" on the Today Show as I watch it every morning. 

Right when I wanted to quit I spotted Coach walking this dog.  He gave me a big wave and I just knew I needed to do another lap.  Anything to get me going!

I did 4 miles and wound up sweating big time even though it was awfully chilly out.  Halfway through my run I noticed that Thomas had finished his snack and was very quiet! He's usually blabbering the whole time I'm running.  I guess the fresh air and the early wake up time really wore him out! He was out cold and I wound up having to sit outside my house - never wake a sleeping baby!!! - for 20 minutes or so until he woke up.  He was all bundled so I figured I'd just let him be.

Tomorrow John is taking Thomas to the Poconos to see his parents.  I won't get into why I'm not going (suffice to say that his family is completely nuts and I just don't have the energy to be around them) because I want this to be a very positive and Disney-like blog! :)  I'm looking forward to some nice alone time.  I hope to get in a long run and maybe even a movie too! MMMMmmmm movie theater popcorn will be SO deserved after a long run....

Workout: 4 miles
Time: 44:54
Next up: Long Run...maybe 8 miles?


  1. Nancy: I never comment much anymore because I always read your posts through RSS feed. You are so great b/c you just say whatever you are thinking. I tend to be a bit less Natalie and a little more Disney in my blogs. But really, your honesty is more Natalie and I adore your courage to say my husband's family is nuts and that is all I have to say about that. Do you not think they may read your posts?!?

  2. Natalie! One of these days I will have to tell you about how crazy they are. And no, there is NO WAY they would read this. His parents don't even own a computer! LOL!

  3. Ha! My in-laws read my posts, which I wish I could get some stuff off my chest on my blog about them, but hey that's what twitter is for.

    I'm Kristina from
    I'm a new follower and a follower of you on twitter. Cute blog.