Saturday, October 23, 2010


10 miles baby! That's right! TEN MILES!! I'm sitting here with my feet up and my laptop on my lap typing these very happy words! Double digits!

First the bad news - let's see....After I ran I went to the movies. I brought a bagel and cream cheese and a cup of coffee with me. However, I was starving so I decided to indulge in pretzel bites too. Nearly finished the whole tray during the movie. Oh and after dinner? I had not only a 3 Musketeers Bar but a pack of Starburst. And then I wonder why I'm still a fatty....

But back to the good news - I ran ten miles, my farthest ever. I logged onto and happened to see a 10 mile route that was on there that was kind of near me. I figured I'd give it a try.  John had Thomas for the day in PA so I didn't need to rush home for anything.  If I needed to walk I could. I started out down East Tremont Ave which is sort of the main street for where I live. I ran to the subway and turned left onto Westchester Ave. Now, my area of the Bronx is really nice and I love every bit of it.  However, just a mile or so down the road it gets a little....sketchy. My run took me past no less than 4 homeless men, several dudes that were definitely on crack, 20+ Mexican workers at three gas stations hanging out waiting to be picked up as day laborers, and too many to count just scary looking people.  I ran to Parkchester then all the way to Pelham Bay Park.  Once I got to the Park I was much more relaxed as it was more my 'hood.

After about 4.5 miles, I felt pretty good. Thing is, the first few miles really sucked.  I felt terrible. But once I hit that 4.5 mile mark, I started to feel pretty good. That, or the fact that I was a little scared where I was running may have caused me to pick it up a little!

When I finally made it home I gave myself a nice pat on the back followed by a ginormous glass of chocolate milk! I took my shower and...OUCH! The water touching the places where my sports bra had rubbed raw was PAINFUL. PAINFUL! I need to figure out what to do about that. The whole band area is rubbed raw.

My knees are killing me. My legs are so sore. My stomach is full of crap food. But you know what? I ran ten miles today. Boo-yah!

Workout: 10.37 miles
Time: 1hr 50min
Next up: And on Sunday, she rested...


  1. Moving Comfort bras......there is one for you. I do not work for this company, just love the bras.

  2. Oh, and I forgot....get some Body Glide. Makes a WORLD of difference.

  3. gaynell - thanks for the recommendation! thing is, i have been running with the moving comfort helena bra and that's the one that's cutting me up! i don't know what to do. you should see the gash along my back! also, do you put the body glide around your sports bra? i don't have skin on skin chafing, it's just from where the bra touches the skin :(

  4. Hey Nancy! yes, you put body glide wherever u have doesn't have to be skin to skin. I have to put it where the front band rubs...all the way across under my boobs. they say it has to do with the fit, but it seems all us girls have problems with this at some time or another. I know guys who put it on their feet, too. When running long in the summer down here in Louisiana, your shoes and feet get soaked. This keeps the blisters away. It is great stuff! Let me know if it helps! This may be all u need.