Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Busy Life of a SAHM

I worked in Finance as the Head of Investor Relations for a multi-billion dollar asset management firm.  I thought I was a very person then. Ha! It's really amazing how busy you can become when you "just" stay at home with one little boy. I can't even imagine having more kids to handle every day! Add that to being constantly tired and the fact that I'm sit slightly on the lazy side of the spectrum and you have me very behind in alot of things I need to do!

I ran 4 miles on Sunday after taking a rest day on Saturday.  After the 7 mile run on Friday I needed a break.  The 4 miler felt just as bad as the rest of my runs.  It's getting a little depressing not having a "great" run in a long time but I'm not going to quit. I know it's my fault because I've been housing food non-stop. My son Thomas hasn't been sleeping and napping all that well and he is teething terribly lately.  With that extra stress, I'm turning towards junk food WAY more than any grown woman should.  And that's making my runs really suck.  Where is my discipline??

It looks like the rain should clear up today so I hope to get a 3 or 4 miler in today as the runDisney plan calls for. I don't have Mommy & Me class today but starting in November I will be teaching the class on my own so I will need to figure out how to get out and running by 7:30am at the latest on days where we have "baby school".

I would like to share some pictures though as it's been a while! This is from a 5k race I did a few weeks ago at Orchard Beach.  My 9 year old cousin ran with me. She didn't finish the whole thing (come on, she's 9!) but before it ended I had her come back in the race with me to finish. It was fun to finish with her!!

The best part of this race of course was the free food and beer they had afterward! 
We went pumpkin picking this weekend too.  We drove up to Rockland County and, although it was a little chillier than we were expecting, it was a great time.  Thomas had little trouble walking on the lumpy ground but we still managed to get a great pumpkin!

It's 7:23am right now and the sun is still not completely up. Yuck. Thomas is whining in his crib (he got up too early and is still tired but doesn't want to go back to sleep) so I better get him.. He'll spend the next hour or so before we go out chasing the dog/whining because of his teeth/playing with the broom/refusing to eat.

Ah, the busy life of a stay at home mom...

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