Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm here! And I've been running!

Hi all! Sorry I was MIA this week.  Getting back into the swing of things after that week-long vacation has been a little difficult. John started a new job on Monday as well and his hours have been pretty sucky.  Not terrible, but Thomas definitely doesn't see him hardly at all during the week.  He's leaving tomorrow for a business trip and won't be back til next Monday. Ugh. Having to do it all for all those days is going to be rough.

But let's talk about some fun stuff, shall we? Like, our Disney trip! Let me tell you it was amazing! Thomas was the perfect baby! We really can't complain at all (not that we would complain, I just mean that he could have had ALOT more meltdowns, etc while on the trip and he was an angel). We woke up early Sunday morning and headed for the airport. Since we flew out of JFK it took slightly longer than it normally would flying out of LGA but still super easy, even with the cab driver forgetting his EZ-Pass.

We took Magical Express to the Beach Club Villas and it was just perfect! We spent the next eight days in Disney bliss. We ate like pigs and felt like dying sometimes in the heat! I ran three times while there but just couldn't do anymore. The humidity was SO bad. I wish I had run one more day but I'm happy I got out as much as I did.

I managed to get some really great pictures! Take a look:

Daddy and Tommy on Main Street

Looking VERY serious at the Liberty Inn

Liberty Inn again on a different day :)

Where'd the water go??

Waiting in line for our next ride!

He really loved the characters!

Before Magic Kingdom opening

Sad attempt at a family shot on Dumbo

Lotso smelled like strawberries!

Sigh, I love this photo.
It was really a great time. Can't believe it's come and gone already. Thomas and I are heading down on our own in December. We had a bunch of banked points we needed to use. Unfortunately with his new job, John can't get the time off. Here's hoping Thomas is a good boy while he's down with just me!!

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