Sunday, October 10, 2010

Erm, not going to run today...

I ran a nice four miles yesterday.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get a long run in this week since John's still away (coming home tomorrow, thank GOD) but I figured I could at least do 3 or 4 with the jogger. Some of the running plans have you do a high mileage one weekend and then less the next before going back up. Anyway, so that's what I was telling myself so I wouldn't feel too bad about not doing a big long run!

I'm having some stomach issues (up all night, yuck) so I've decided not to run today.  Thomas and I have plans to go to Queens today to have lunch with my friend Veronica. She's having us over to celebrate my 30th birthday which was last Monday.  Hopefully my stomach will behave by then because we're having Pio Pio which is, um, awesome!

I still need to upload a picture from the 5k I did last weekend! My laptop doesn't have a card reader so it's a huge PITA to upload photos these days.

Until tomorrow :)


  1. I'm dying to get out and walk, the weather is so beautiful here. However, I'm still battling this bronchitis that I picked up while we were in Disney. I barely made it through the grocery store today without gasping for air. Physically I'm feeling pretty good, I just can't breathe and it's making me crazy. If this doesn't get better in a couple of days I think I'm going to hit the clinic for an inhaler.

  2. you poor thing! maybe you should hit up the clinic sooner rather than later? your breathing is NOT something you want to mess with!! feel better sweetie!
    also, i seem to always come home from disney with a cold or something!