Friday, October 8, 2010

No big run today

I woke up today really not wanting to go out and run. It's a gorgeous day and perfect running weather but this whole gash on the shoulder thing is really bothering me.  I decided to get out and go and put a bandage on the shoulder. It felt pretty ok so I headed out.

After a little less than 2 miles, I really felt pretty bad. Just...tired. And my stomach was bothering me (aka I had to GO) so I decided to head home. 

I wound up doing a 5k which actually isn't so bad. I ran for about 32 minutes.  And hey, according to Jeff Galloway's RunDisney Princess Training Plan, I only need two 30 min runs during the week to prepare for my long run on the weekend. So, I still feel pretty good about my running this week. Sure, it was only twice but it's still two more times than I would have done just a few short months ago.

Looks like I won't be able to get a long run in this weekend though.  John is STILL away on business and I just can't do long runs with that jogger.  I might try to see if my aunt or someone can watch Thomas for a while so I can run.  Thing is, I like to run first thing in the morning (before I can get a chance to psych myself out) and seeing as it's the weekend, I think most people will want to sleep in (and/or recover from being out the night before!).

Oh and the shoulder? Still hurts.  And it's really ugly.  I need to find something to hold these bad boys up and not cut the crap out of my skin!

Workout: 3.1 miles
Time: 32ish minutes
Next up: Dunno, but I'll at least do 4 with Thomas in the jogger.

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