Tuesday, October 26, 2010

you're kidding me, right??

Expletive! Expletive! Expletive!!!

I took two days off of running after Saturday's 10 miler. I intended on going to aerobics class last night but my cousin Johnny's 11th birthday was last night and I just HAD to go over and have cake! What's that? Ok yeah I had two pieces. Whoops.

I got out and running this morning with Thomas in the jogger. After about 3/4 mile Thomas started to fuss so I stopped quickly to give him his pacifier. I started back up again and OUCH! My foot! Ouch! My leg! WTF is THAT??? I decided to stop running and just walk home. I was making my way out of Maritime College when one of the guys who works there said, "Hey wait, don't I always see you running??" I told him my foot hurt and he said he hoped I felt better. I have to say, I kind of like that he said something. It means that I've been doing this enough to be a bit of a staple on campus!

Anyway, I don't know what's up with my foot. What did I do? It's not like, killing me now but then again I'm just sitting here. I have an appointment downtown at my endocrinologist today and I'm going to drive down so I'll stay off my foot as much as possible. SUUUUUCCKKKSSS!!!

WAAAAAAHHH!!! Hopefully it's nothing and just a little twist and I'll be back on the wagon in no time.

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