Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eight is GREAT!

Go me! Go me! Go me!

Eight miles this morning! Woot! And yes, it took me 1hr 30 min to do it. Sure, it's not exactly lightening speed and it's WAY slower than the pace at which I ran my 5k but it's the farthest I've ever run and it brings me way over halfway there to the half marathon distance! I planned on doing 7 miles today but found myself not quite at 6.5 when I was close to home. So, I decided to run towards Maritime and by the time I got there I was farther than I wanted to be. I turned around and came home finishing at the TOP of the hill at the beginning of my street! Hurrah. Finished. I slammed a ginormous glass of chocolate milk when I got home and just treated to myself to a  buttered roll from the deli (and if anyone knows buttered rolls from the deli, they know that I just consumed about a pound of butter). In fact, I feel a little sick from all the butter but hey, it was worth it :)

And the best part of this day?? Disney is TOMORROW!!! Can't wait to get down there! Our flight leaves out of JFK at 7:20 so we'll need to be up VERY early tomorrow morning.  In fact, so early that I'm not looking forward to waking up Thomas! And I'm REALLY not looking forward to the flight! Ah! Hopefully he will snooze on my lap but I seriously doubt it as he hasn't fallen asleep on me in months. Meh, it's a flight to Orlando - it's sort of a must to endure a screaming baby on the flight, might as well be MY screaming baby.

I'm going to sit on my couch and watch the end of Dirty Dancing (thanks ABC Family!) while Thomas takes a little nap. Then I'm getting my hair done (highlights and cut desperately needed) and then some last minute packing. Can't wait!

Workout: 8.05 miles
Time: 1hr30min

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