Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a quick check in

Today was our first day of Mommy & Me.  It starts at 9:30 so I needed to make sure I got out running early with Thomas so I wouldn't be late. I planned on doing 4 miles which was what the Hal Higdon program said but knocked out 5. I'm running 11.5 minute miles with the jogger which sounds slow but pushing that thing is getting hard, especially the longer I run.

One of the Mommy & Me leaders is having twins next month (she already has two other kids!) and she and the other leader Noreen asked me today if I'd be interested in helping out while Heather is out with the newborns with the plan being that once they move I'd eventually take over for her, sharing the Mommy & Me gig with Noreen. I was really happy about that and more than glad to help! It'll be fun! Plus, I'd be there anyway so might as well just help out! Plus, I'm a control freak so I'm sure I'll like being in charge of the program with Noreen!

Because Mommy & Me is three days a week, I will need to make sure to get my runs in very early on those days.  I know I won't do them if I wait until after the class!

Workout: 5 miles
Time: 57 minutes
Tomorrow: 2 miles (hoping they will be nice and easy!)

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