Friday, September 3, 2010

Wait, am I pregnant??

Ok, no, I'm definitely NOT pregnant but I felt a little like it on my run today.  My sense of smell was on high this morning on my long run. What is UP with that? Does running make you better able to smell? Perhaps it was the heat getting to me. Or maybe I was thirsty and getting a little delirious.  Or maybe it's a sign that a hurricane's a'comin'. Who knows but I could smell every.single.thing around me today. I went by the water and the salt water in the air smelled so good. I *almost* felt like I was at the shore.  Almost.  I ran up to Pelham Bay Park and could smell the dirt and grass.  As I huffed and puffed back onto East Tremont Ave and my home stretch, I was really sucking wind. You know how NYC is known for it's awesome delis? Yeah, normally the smell of breakfast would be totally awesome but the smell of eggs wafting out of the delis as I passed by was vomit-inducing. It definitely made me try to fun faster to get off that street! Oh, and nevermind that it's garbage day for one of the neighborhoods I ran through.

Who knows what the deal with the sense of smell is but it is duly noted.  Once it gets cold I doubt the smells will be an issue.

I am totally pumped to say that I ran longer than ever today! I like these long runs because when you're done you can say you've done something you haven't done before.  I ran 6 miles.  The first two miles felt pretty good. I was along the water and feeling cool.  The next 3 miles really sucked. My legs felt SO heavy and it was getting pretty hot. Also, I felt really thirsty.  Once I got onto the main ave and knew I was getting closer to home, I felt a little better. I was going no faster than a shuffle but I was still moving! Once I got to the entrance of my neighborhood I planned to stop. There's a little hill into the neighborhood that I had planned to stop at but instead I finished at the top of it. Woot!

6 miles is alot of miles. And yet, I'm not even halfway there to the half marathon. But I'm a hell of alot farther than I was at the beginning of the summer...which was nowhere!

The big Silver Beach Labor Day Weekend party starts today and ends on Monday. Thomas will be swimming in his first race tomorrow (aka I will be holding him and walking him to the finish line) and on Sunday he'll be running in his first race! Guaranteed cuteness! Then next Sunday his mom is running in her first race (the 5k in Central Park). I love being an active mom. I must remember this feeling when it's cold out and I don't want to get out and do my training runs!

Workout: 6.06 miles
Time: 67 minutes
Next up: Not sure about tomorrow with all the activities going on. I may rest tomorrow and run on Sunday since I did a long run today.


  1. Nancy, congratulations on breaking six miles! I personally believe that if you can do six miles, then you can do the half marathon, no problem. I just feel like six miles is the "make it or break it" point. Now that you've made it, you KNOW you can do the rest. Besides, you only have four miles more to go until the longest training run under the novice training programs. :)

    Hooray about Thomas' first races! And yours next weekend ... how wonderful. I can't wait to collect our coast-to-coast medals!

  2. Thanks for reading and the kind words, Beverly!! We are totally going to rock those medals!!

    Sure, my 11+ min mile isn't all that great but at least I'm doing it now! Better than sitting on my couch :)

  3. My first read of your blog! I must admit you looked different from what I expected! You are so cute;). The running is nuts! I run but only @2 miles and hate it. Just trying to contain the thunder-thigh gene. Great job! Oh, and I was hoping you were pregnant.