Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My body needs a break

After a great 5 miles yesterday, I was very happy to see that the running plan only had me running 2 miles today. Temps felt cool and I put Thomas in pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt since I sweat buckets when I take more than three steps anywhere.  With Thomas snacking away in the jogger, I started my normal run. After about three steps I wanted to stop. I ran a mile and really felt AWFUL. I wound up doing 2.37 miles and they were really the longest of my life. I felt terrible the whole time. 

I think my body needs a rest. Instead of doing 4 miles tomorrow, I'm not going to run. I'm having practically an anxiety attack over this break.  I mean, really, it's one day. But I know me and I know that sometimes a one day break means a two day break and so on. I'm trying to tell myself that I've turned over a new leaf, I'm no longer the slacker that I was before. I am a runner! And runners need to take breaks! Right? RIGHT???

I have Mommy & Me tomorrow morning and will be tutoring a friend's daughter in Math in the afternoon - hopefully that will keep me busy enough so I won't stuff my face all day.

It's days like today when I think, "How the hell am I going to run 13 miles???" I'll just have to check back in this blog to look for a day when I killed it to remind me that I can do it :)

Workout: 2.34 miles
Time: 25:50 (felt like 3 hours)

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