Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi Wind, it's me, Sad Runner

Holy geez that was the windiest run ever. Remember I complained about the wind a few posts ago? Yeah, nevermind that one. I couldn't do the loops around Maritime that I like to do so it was a back and forth run that was even more boring than running loops! And on top of that, the wind was howling off the lake and I must have looked like I was running backwards.

I used that MapMyRun app and it was pretty good. I had it alert me every 15 minutes to my time, pace, and distance which was pretty cool.  You can set it to tell you at any intervals 15 minutes seemed to be a good check-in time. After doing the same run as I did yesterday, I tried to do one more "lap" since I won't be getting in any long runs in this weekend. I fought hard through the wind and felt pretty pumped after it was done (anytime I run longer than planned I feel good).

I took a quick photo with the iPhone while fighting the wind:

Of course, in true Nancy fashion, I totally sabotaged my run by eating a huge bowl of cereal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, AND a massive amount of my son's goldfish crackers (not to mention my chocolate milk of course).  Naptime does NOT equal shovel food into my mouth time. Gah! But man, it all tasted so good!!

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