Thursday, September 16, 2010

Um, ok I mean I will rest...TODAY :)

I'd planned on a rest day for yesterday and I didn't stick to it.  The weather was gorgeous and it was 7:30am. I still had plenty of time to run before Mommy & Me if I wanted. And I felt pretty energetic. Got ready in a flash and was out the door before I could change my mind (that's key - get out before you can come up with an excuse!). Since Thursdays are typically my rest days I just felt like I needed to do something on Wednesday. I knew I'd feel guilty if I didn't get moving. Wound up running 4 miles! The plan called for a 4 miler and this time I stuck with it. I've lately been doing an extra mile but figured there's plenty of time to literally...go the extra mile.

My decision to run yesterday was made a good one when I passed by an older guy on Maritime's campus that I see walking pretty often. Usually we just say hello and keep moving. Perhaps a, "hot out, huh?" but that's about it. Anyway, I ran past him and gave him my usual hello. I had my headphones on but heard him say something so I popped out one headphone and said, "yeah it's very windy!" He said, "No, I said whatever you're doing it's working! You're looking good and losing weight." Oh. My. God. Old guy made my day.

I stopped...just for a second. I put the break on the jogger and gave that old guy a big sweaty hug. "You just made my day."  Let me remind you I live in the Bronx. I don't live in shiny happy land where people hug others often. I'm pretty sure this guy will never say hello to me again. He definitely gave me that "you're nuts" look. But that's ok! He really made my day and reminded me that I'm not just running to say I did the half. I'm not just running to get down to Disney just one more time. I'm running because it's healthy and a healthier me means a happier me. A healthier me means my son will be proud of his mom when he's old enough to realize that his mom can keep up with him at the playground!

But today? REST. Seriously, rest. Mommy & Me in the morning, hopefully a nice nap from Thomas, and even more hopefully a nice bit of relaxation time on the couch for me. I have a bad stomach ache so I need the rest badly. Oh, and PACK FOR DISNEY!

Yesterday's Workout: 4 miles
Time: 45:10
Next up (today): REST

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