Monday, September 6, 2010

What a great weekend!

After Friday's 6 mile run, I was definitely sore and glad to take a nice rest day on Saturday.  There was no resting for Thomas though! The Silver Beach Labor Day Weekend was a very memorable one for John and me. Thomas swam and ran in his first races! It was pretty hilarious!  Saturday's swimming races started early but they didn't call the 1 year olds until later and it was definitely getting close to nap time. The race involved sticking Thomas in the water and John sprinting to the finish line with him. Slightly traumatic for the kid but all in good fun:

And guess what? Thomas came in first! With John and my combined athletic ability, I have a feeling this will be the only time that happens.

Yesterday was the running races and I was so excited for this. Thomas is walking around like a champ now and I just knew it'd be a cute-fest with all the one year old racing.  Well, of course it was naptime again and Thomas would have none of the racing thing.  It was very loud and I don't think he could see me at the finish so he got upset. Poor kid. He wouldn't even stand up!
That's Thomas in the middle there with John trying to get him to stand up.  The little guy in the front knew what was going on!

The races went up through all the ages and the older the kids got, the faster they were:
That's one of my cousins on the left running. I come from a LARGE family and there were tons of cousins running in those races!

At the end of the day came the awards ceremony. Thomas got a medal for his first place finish:

And they even gave him one for coming in last in the running race!:
The theme for this year's Labor Day Weekend was Outter Space, thus the aliens and spaceship at the awards area.

So now onto running....
I ran the 6 miles on Friday and took a rest day on Saturday to enjoy the day.  Sunday's festivities didn't start until 10am and I knew I needed to get out and run before they began or else there was no way I'd be doing anything after.  I decided to head out for a run and I'm so glad I did. Not so much because I did ANOTHER SIX MILES (!!!) but because I am nursing a hangover this morning and I'm SOOOO glad I don't have to run today.  I mean, the day after another long run I certainly deserve another rest day, right??

But yeah, I knocked out 6 miles again. It was in the 60s, a light breeze, and absolutely beautiful yesterday morning. I did the same route as Friday and even wound up doing it a little faster.  I ran the first 3 miles much faster than the last three since I was running out of steam. Still, it was great run and I'm glad I did it.

I'm hoping to take it a bit easy today.  I REALLY hope Thomas takes a nice nap later because I sure could use one.

Workout: (from Sunday) 6 miles
Time: 63 minutes
Next up: resting again today and doing 3 or 4 tomorrow with the jogger

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